Peggie toured in Japan in the summer of 1992 The tour included the cities of Nagasaki, Kyoto and Tokyo to name a few. It was her first time traveling overseas and even the flight, Though 11 hours long, was exciting.

Upon arrival to the Navarre Airport Peggie made a call to a friend she had met in Los Angeles while performing at a club there. She rang the number and the person answered Mushi Mushi and it was then she realized she spoke little or no Japanese. She asked for her friend Hashimi, he got on the line and could not believe she was at the Airport where he worked. He spoke english thank goodness!

They planned to meet at a set location and many hugs and tears followed. He was a fun and loyal friend and fan. When they met he was here in L.A teaching Chefs that worked for the airlines. He spoiled her with many gifts and flowers and danced all night sometimes by himself just soaking in the music and having a blast! Music is a language that is truly universal. That is a feeling that is hard to describe from a performers point of view. So rewarding, and special. The tour group Peggie was with had toured Japan many times and really knew there way around and had many loyal friends and fans there. A buddist priest was among them and he took them to some beautiful temples and sites while they were there.

They toured the Nijo Castle The Japanese Deer park, alot of the temples in the temple city of Kyoto,etc. Rode the Bullet train, saw sites, heard sounds, smelled aromas, that were all new to her and she loved it!

The japanese people were so warm and helpful to this Girl from the states who was lost in translation! Coloring her hair from brunnette to Blonde for this tour was well worth it!